About LuLo Fangirl

Jamie Campbell Bower

LuLo Fangirl is a website run by me, Christina Marie. Founded in 2012, I wanted to create something for me. Not for anyone else, but me. Because that’s where it needs to start. If you’re not doing it for you first, then it’s not healthy.

I get so much joy from talking about things that I love, from books to music to beauty to fashion. Even film (but that’s usually associated with books).

The name name “LuLo” comes from “Luscious and Lovely”, which is the name that this site originally possessed because it was primarily a beauty/fashion site. But in 2013, I decided to expand my focus on ALL things that interested me, not just beauty. Not just fashion. So “LuLo” was born.

“Fangirl” was added in 2014 as my personal statement. A statement of ownership. Of pride. I used to get made fun of for being too excited about books or makeup or fashion. And I used to hide it. Not anymore. I wear the term as a badge of honor. I am a fangirl. And screw what you think.

LuLo Fangirl is a place for those who yearn to be understood. To squeal unnecessarily about the latest Cumberbatch photobomb or the new Cassandra Clare book. It’s for the fangirls to just fangirl; but it’s also for me. This site gives me permission to just be myself and I hope you enjoy me.

10 responses to “About LuLo Fangirl

  1. I just found your website and am so excited. I originally found you on YouTube and loved your videos so I’m a proud subscriber to that. I just wanted to let you know that your awesome and I love you, but not in a creep stalker I’m going to hunt you down way. Lol


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